“We are called to walk beyond ourselves. To reach into the realms of magic and dance the trails of the spirit. To live within the song of the universe” Native American Wisdom

History and Mural

From the beginning, I have always felt that the building contained a life-force of its own dictating its destiny and I feel honoured to be chosen for its care.

At any one time there always seem to be the perfect combination of therapies, workshops and practitioners. The Studios lie on a ley line and practitioners say that the healing energy enhances their work.

In 2002 and 2010 we uncovered and restored an original mural entitled Toxophilites (Love of Archery) dating back to 1834. At that time the building was a tavern and the surrounding fields were used for archery.

The building has always served the community and in its present role it continues this tradition radiating out healing and light.

Original Murals dated 1834.

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