Tell them how we loved all that was beautiful. Native American


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“It has been an amazing journey being part of the VHS team for 23 years. We have truly been like family and I have always felt looked after and regarded with affection and respect. I have had a practice here that I could never have replicated anywhere else. I feel truly blessed to have been in a venue with such spirit, warmth, personal care and love.”
Lois Evans, Practitioner
“A delightful place to work; safe, peaceful, bright, healing and welcoming with a wonderful array of practitioners – a joy in a leafy suburb of a busy city.”
Nicole Marais, Practitioner
“Yours is a voice that I have come to love, trust and rely on for sense and clarity over the years of our time together…your mindful care has given me something infinitely most precious – I feel it each time I teach the Lotus Tree classes…my fulfilment to express my life in the environment that whispers ‘home’ “
Nilima Raichoudhury, Practitioner

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