“Teach us love, compassion, honour, that we may heal the earth and heal each other” Ojibway Prayer


The inspiration for the Studios came from my beloved late sister Jacqueline Beacon and her partner David Gillet – two exceptional healers and visionaries who worked with great virtue, dedication and integrity.

They founded Living Harmony – tragically, they died together in 2004 in a car accident in Brazil a year after their vision of the Harmony Centre was realised.  This Centre in Suffolk flourishes today, managed by David’s brother Tony and the co-operative of practitioners.

My daughter Anna is also dedicating her work with Wholefood Harmony in their memory, bringing to it the same integrity, ethos and values with which Jacqui and David are remembered with deep love.

They both walked with loving kindness, purity and truth and their grace touched all.


Pauline Groman

‘The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals’ Khalil Kibran

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