Violet Hill Studios Safety Protocol

July 2020


I look forward to welcoming your return to Violet Hill Studios.

For those who know us well, one of the joys of visiting the Studios was the warm, welcoming and inviting atmosphere as soon as you entered the building – the peace and harmony and the sense of feeling at ‘home’. Our first priority now is to ensure safety and to abide by guidelines and we will all do our utmost to ensure that you feel safe and supported.

We have put in place a very comprehensive Covid-19 Safety Protocol after reviewing a Risk Assessment for the Studios. Please look upon these measures as a loving kindness to our clients, our practitioners and the wider community. All our practitioners work to the highest of professional standards, together with great integrity and care, and the Studios will continue to serve the community with these same ethical values and ethos at its core.

Our aim is to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus as far as is practically possible. All practitioners will be following a very strict protocol to ensure the Studios is a safe place to work and to visit.

In addition to our Safety Protocol practitioners will also be following Government guidelines and their own Professional Body Regulations. Whenever possible, practitioners and clients will consider remote sessions or other options to avoid face-to-face contact.

Please be mindful that a large proportion of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, with much of the spread caused by airborne transmission among people who are unaware of their role as carriers. We all have a responsibility to take extra precautions – this care, attention and awareness are acts of kindness which will help to protect and save lives, especially those who are most vulnerable in our community.

I set out below an abridged version of Violet Hill Studios Safety Protocol – the full report which has been sent to practitioners, covers very rigorous procedures for the following: These measures may be subject to change and, for your safety, some restrictions may remain even when lifted by the Government:-

Cleaning and Hygiene

The Studios will undergo in depth enhanced regular cleaning and disinfecting. Practitioners will be cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in their rooms when they commence their session and in between clients and at the end of each session.

There are six hand wash basins throughout the Centre and all clients will be requested to wash their hands and/or use sanitizer on entry to the Studios and on leaving. Practitioners will wash their hands before and after each client and sometimes during the session. Your practitioner will have supplies of hand sanitizer and there will be supplies in all the rooms at the Studios and clients are recommended to bring their own supplies.

Clients to be responsible for sanitising door handles, taps etc that they may have touched in the common areas.

To facilitate cleaning and avoid the spread of the virus books, displays, brochures have been removed in the waiting room – this also applies to facilities for tea and coffee making.  Any beverages required, including water, will be brought in and waste taken away by each individual.

Social Distancing

Where possible, rooms will be laid out to support the recommended social distancing. There will be a maximum number of people in the building at any one time. To avoid overcrowding clients will be requested to wait outside for their appointment and their practitioner will call when the room is ready and greet them in the reception area.

Mask wearing

Masks to be worn in ALL areas of Violet Hill Studios as airborne transmission, especially indoors, during face to face contact over the length of a session carries a great risk as a large proportion of the population are asymptomatic and may be spreading and transmitting the virus unknowingly.

Client Procedures to avoid spread of the virus

Whenever possible, practitioners and clients will consider remote sessions and other options for treatment.

Clients are carefully screened by the practitioner for symptoms of coronavirus and their suitability for treatment before the session and requested to fill in and sign a Health Assessment and Consent form.

Clients will be asked to take their temperature on the day of their session and if over 37.8c they will be asked to let their practitioner know and cancel their session.

Clients’ temperatures may be taken by the practitioner on arrival at the Studios with a contactless thermometer and if it is over 37.8 the session will be postponed. On subsequent sessions clients will be requested to notify their practitioner of any health changes.

I look forward to the day when you are able to again freely enter the waiting room, browse through the books and the displays, help yourself to drinks, linger and chat to each other – it will come again ……..and until then from my heart I send you deep blessings.

Track and Trace System at Violet Hill

In compliance with government guidelines we have placed NHS QR code posters in all rooms at the Studios which will assist in tracking and tracing the virus. If you have recent devices please download the NHS Covid-19 App on to your mobile phones and please scan your phones immediately on entering the Studios.

Please note that the app will only work with recent smart phone operating software so you will need to have an iOS 13.5 or later installed on your iPhone. Some older devices such as the iPhone 6 and older phones will be unable to run the app.

Your practitioner will ask you to sign your consent for your contact details to be passed to track and trace if a request for this is received.

Pauline Groman