The trail is beautiful. Be still. Dakota

beautiful water lily in the light

‘May your life be like a wild flower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.’ Native American

“Violet Hill is an oasis
for the soul –
a place of sanctuary”


It is with joy that I welcome you to Violet Hill Studios, Centre for Natural Healing –  as you enter, experience the peace, warmth and harmony.

The Studios, restored from an eighteenth century barn, filled with the scent of fresh flowers, paintings, light and love were created with the vision of providing a space where Healing and Art could exist together, each enhancing the other.

The same ethos exists today as it did when we first opened in 1992 – to provide an extensive selection of natural healing disciplines combined with both the highest standards of professionalism, together with care and sensitivity,  within an environment which is welcoming and beautiful.

Our practitioners are the finest in their individual disciplines, working with virtue, great integrity and dedication – they love what they do, it is their life’s work.  The approach is holistic; the emotions, body, spirit and soul being integral to the healing process.

The Centre continues to grow and flourish because of the loyalty, belief and encouragement of our practitioners and visitors alike.  I feel a profound sense of gratitude to everyone for their support, warmth, love and laughter.

Practitioners and visitors alike join our extended family – a family with truth and goodness at its core.

Please do visit us and touch this light and serenity and feel a deep sense of well-being.


Pauline Groman

“I am so much at home at Violet Hill and love the family environment, the energy, the flowers and feel safe and supported. I am extremely blessed to be able to work at Violet Hill Studios and will forever thank you for opening your doors.” Practitioner

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